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Vertical Pilgrims

By Cameron Smith

We are in the Western Highlands of Guatemala at a mountain resembling a giant tooth, formed by the volcanic violence of ancient and recent history. A hundred feet of thin mountain air below me, not far from the base of this sheer cliff that I am inching up, there is [...]


P o p p i n g

Guerrilla Gardeners

Rumor is a group of Xela locals and foreigners might be organizing themselves to green up and beautify their homes. A need to reclaim their knowledge of food is driving these subversive gardeners to plant their own munchies. And it seems like a perfect idea: [...]

Top Tips for Learning Spanish in 2015

by Diana Pastor

2015! We begin a New Year and we’re sure that many of our readers are here in Xela with the purpose of improving their Spanish. Many of you are no doubt wondering how long it will take until you’re able to crack a joke in Spanish that results in people [...]

Recipe of the Month – Enchiladas a la Chapin

by Simone Riddle

Guatemalans have been topping tostadas (a fried or toasted tortilla) with ‘eschabeche’ (a Central American spin on pickled vegetables) to transform them into the famed ‘enchilada’ since the 18th century. One thing to note about Guatemalan cuisine is the difference between the Guatemalan enchilada and the Mexican enchilada. Just as [...]

Guatemala – The Cultural Capital of 2015

by Alba Carrasco

Guatemala City will begin this year 2015 as the Cultural Capital of Latin America! This is an award that every year the Union de Capitales de Iberoamerica –UCCI— awards to one special candidate city that can demonstrate a pertinent story and offer a full agenda of cultural events in recognition [...]


As 2014 comes to an end and the Government is preparing for their last year in office, and their last opportunity to secure the next elections a year from now; the country faces one of its worst governmental deficit crisis in the last 50 years. The government literally ran out of money. Over-spending on publicity, [...]

Happy Gluttony

Christmas time is upon us once again, providing us with the perfect opportunity to forget about those silly middle-of-year fads such as dieting, exercising more, drinking less and going to bed early. Those were so November.

Indeed, if there´s one thing in common between all of the diverse traditions for celebrating Christmas across the globe, [...]


P o p p i n g

Eighth Time Lucky

Football season is back into full swing and the matches for the Liga Nacional have got off to a cracking start… for the other teams. Sadly, it appears as though the Super Chivos still can´t find their mojo, which seems to have gone missing [...]

The Case for Hitch-hiking in Guatemala

by Jason Crawford

It may seem crazy to the uninitiated, but hitchhiking is by far my favorite way to get around Guatemala. It’s fast, it’s often free, and most importantly, it’s safer than the camionetas (chicken buses). This is where my readership collectively double takes. “Safer than chicken buses? But what about kidnapping [...]

Christmas is here, but I´m not with you

I never thought that I would spend a Christmas so far away from you. The previous times when we had to be separated, I managed to come home and celebrate Christmas with you. But this year it will be different.

What will I miss most about you at this time of the year? Perhaps it [...]