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Dave’s Rave: Pasaje Enriquez

Dude. As has been noted on these pages (and elsewhere), the D man has this whole man-about-town thing nailed down. Another of his charming characteristics is that the big D likes to get as much done while eliminating as much useless walking as possible. Which is why he totally digs places like…Pasaje Enriquez


Dave’s Rave: Big Dave’s Top Ten Places to do Nothing: Guatemala and Belize

Dude. The D Man is back. That’s right – he loved you, left you, lost your phone number (which was why he didn’t call) and would like to hook up again, if you’re not too busy.


Dave’s Rave: Street Food

Now, I deeply enjoy dining in the fine establishments here in Xela, mainly so that I can brag to my friends about eating in fancy restaurants. But since I have neither the disposable income to do so frequently nor the skill/intelligence necessary to “cook,” I spend a lot of time scavenging, quite happily, on the […]

Dave’s Rave: The Sandwich

Davey Doo, you are missing out. You may be having a fantastic time gallivanting around Guatemala, clad only in binoculars, a fanny pack and a khaki vest with 34 pockets, but the moment you left town a flurry of wonderful new restaurants appeared here in Xela. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that they waited to […]

Dave’s Rave: Pool & Beer

Dude. The Davemeister’s going to have to tone it right down a little this month. His folks are in town, so he’s taking a break from the tales of wild sexcapades and all night lithium binges and paring it all back to a G rating. So, um. Yeah. I guess we’d better get on with […]

Dave’s Rave: El Panorama Restaurant

Dude. The D man is always on the hunt for that Romantic Place to take his Special Lady Friend. Or a Nice Place where he can wine and dine any of his other Lady Friends. Or, failing that, somewhere he can go to chow down with any old slapper off the street.

So imagine his […]

Dave’s Rave: The Pupusa

The Davemeister knows what’s going down. He’s a man with his ear to the ground. In fact, some Sunday mornings he can’t remove his ear from the ground, but that’s another story. He knows what people are saying – that the D man spends all his time lolling around in restaurants, scribbling vaguely legible notes […]

Dave’s Rave: El Balcon de Enríquez

Relax, peeps. The Davemeister is A OK, and hasn’t sustained any major water damage. The D-Man’s 9 years as a first year University student came in handy, too, and spending a week in the house with the electricity cut off, eating instant noodles seemed like a walk down memory lane.

This month, when the clouds […]

Dave’s Rave: The Bake Shop

So much to rave about, so little space to do it in. The Davester’s normally superhuman levels of enthusiasm have been peaking out at maximum levels all month, and those famous thumbs have remained pretty much permanently in the upright position.

Check it: The mag is totally kicking ass, the eds have lined up a […]

Dave’s Rave: Sabor de la India

One, two… one, two… howdy y’all – this is Big Dave comin’ at ya from downtown Xela. I guess being that this is my first Rave and all, I should welcome you, and mebbe rap a little bit about what’s going down with this whole Rave thing.

Every month (or until I get deported/my folks […]