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Don’t Sleep ‘Til (Restaurante) Brooklyn

By Steve Mullaney

I’m always a sucker for restaurants that are named after places in the U.S. Hailing from Minneapolis, I once leapt out of a bus leaving San Francisco El Alto to sample the fare at Café Minneapolis. (Surprisingly good, by the way.)


The Food Critic: Italian Gelato in Xela

By Steve Mullaney

Everyone knows about Bake Shop. In fact, before I arrived in Xela for the first time in 2007 a friend told me that I was required to go to the famous Mennonite bakery and try to sneak a donut back through customs for her. Why? Because the goodies at Bake Shop are […]

A Valentine’s Treat: Casa del Prado Restaurant

By Dr. Love

Alright dudes in love, we know you’re saving your precious few Qs for a guitar or Costa Rica trek. But take heed that skimping on Valentine’s Day is a recipe for weeks of snuggle-free nights. On any other day pupusas on the square will do, lad, but NOT on February 14th! Luckily […]

Saugatuk’s: A Restaurant Review

By Steve Mullaney

Is there restaurant life outside Zona Uno? Yes, definitely. If you’re willing to take a little hike or sit on a micro for five to ten minutes you could discover CAFÉ/BAR SAUGATUK’S.

Saugatuk’s at street level looks kinda funky. The place is essentially a wooden cabin built on top of a green […]

Patio Eats

The sun is – at the time of writing – out, and this is no joke, people… you’d better make the most of it. In the time-honored XelaWho tradition of pretending to be researching while we actually just sit around stuffing our faces, we bring you our mini-guide to the best outdoor eats in Xela: