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In Defence of the Tortilla

Eating tortillas doesn’t have to be a bland and joyless task. By Dale Sabor


Market Watch: Seafood

By Chris Warren

So, you like to cook? Or perhaps you just wanna shake things up a bit in the kitchen and take a walk on the culinary wild-side. Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to let you in on a little (not-so) secret spot that may well change your life forever…the […]

Market Analysis: A Whirlwind Tour of Xela’s Markets

By Laura Walton

Markets abound in Xela – La Demo, Central, las Flores, Terminal Minerva, just to name a few. Yet somehow, we foreigners keep finding ourselves in the Dispensa and at Paiz, browsing the familiar aisles at our leisure and choosing neatly packaged boxes of imported food. And while even the best of us […]

Hot Spots

by Travis Harvey

So you’ve been here a few weeks and you’re as sick of rice and beans on your plate as you are tired of Billie Jean and I want you back being played at benefit parties. So you think to yourself that you’d really like to cook something special for your host […]