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XelaWho by Issue

September 2005 Issue: Where Can I Get a Hot Dog on a Stick in this Town?

September means one thing in Quetzaltenango: The Fair. Or, if you prefer, La Feria Internacional de Independencia. The first fair was held back in 1884 in Cantón San Nicolás. Since then it’s jumped around a bit, but in 1984, to celebrate the centenary, the Centro de Feria y Mercadeo de Quetzaltenango (CEFEMERQ) was constructed and […]

Dave’s Rave: The Bake Shop

So much to rave about, so little space to do it in. The Davester’s normally superhuman levels of enthusiasm have been peaking out at maximum levels all month, and those famous thumbs have remained pretty much permanently in the upright position.

Check it: The mag is totally kicking ass, the eds have lined up a […]

Cuentame: A Comic Series from 2005-2007

La Llorona, September 2005

¿Quiere Pan?

By Blake van Koesveld

Ever thought of joining the proud and industrious ladies of San Pedro by becoming a bread vendor? We asked veteran Maria ‘The Jackal’ Mendoza to give us the low down on the subtle art of pan-slinging.

Tools of the Trade – A basket, tea towel and good posture are essential. A […]

Ask Dr. Sabelotodo: Visa Runs

Dear Dr. Sabelotodo, I’ve been in Guatemala 3 months now and my visa is about to expire. People here say it´s not a drama – I just have to do a “visa run”. Can you please explain?

-Anxious Ex-pat