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XelaWho by Issue

February 2007 Issue: For the Love of Love

Valentine’s Day has become such a monstrous cliché by now that even criticizing it is a bit played out. Luckily, you committed readers know that the gem you hold in your hands is nothing if not original – visionary, it has even been said. So instead of just whining about how much love stinks, we […]

Daytripper: Cool Trips. Close by.

Daytripper is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on day trips within easy reach of Xela. This month’s article is called: The San Cristobal Waterfall

If you’ve ridden the bus between Xela and San Francisco El Alto (possibly to see the huge Friday morning market – no tourists and no souvenirs for sale) you may have seen […]

Dave’s Rave: Xocomil Water Park

It seems that our Delightful Davey Doobertons – he loves being called that – has again left us, and will be out flapping his little wings, and likely his big mouth, for the next three months. For now, you’ll have to deal with this anonymous, admittedly inferior narrator. It’s a shame Dave wasn’t here on […]

Cuentame: A Comic Series from 2005-2007

The Legend of the Quetzal, February 2007

My Dog

By Elia Vargas

I have a dog here. Sometimes I forget which one it is. But I can hear him, in the morning, barking outside my house, and I can hear him, late at night, barking loudly outside my house. Usually it sounds more like fifty dogs, growling, howling, and scuffling along cement rooftops. Barking […]

¿Qué Onda Vos? A Series on Speaking Guatemalan Spanish

“¿Qué onda vos?” is XelaWho’s a monthly guide to speaking Spanish Guatemalan style. This month we’re looking at funny expressions.

Estar chucho por… LITERAL MEANING: To be puppy for… ACTUAL MEANING: To really like…