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XelaWho by Issue

August 2007 Issue: Happy Birthday to Us

Two years is a long time in the magazine business. Many marriages don’t even last that long, so this month we’re feeling particularly entitled to gloat.

If you can get your hands on one of the highly collectible first issues of XelaWho, you’ll see we’ve come a long way. We’ve tripled in size (mostly due […]

Cuentame: A Comic Series from 2005-2007

The White Horse Part I, August 2007

Daytripper San Pedro: Hiking The San Pedro Volcano

by John J. McGraw

Coming upon Lake Atitlan for the first time, the looming volcanoes let you know this isn’t just any other lake. Like great Mayan pyramids, these dormant cones imbue the area with mystery. While some of the volcanoes are relatively remote, Volcan San Pedro stands just above the popular backpackers’ stop of […]

Patio Eats

The sun is – at the time of writing – out, and this is no joke, people… you’d better make the most of it. In the time-honored XelaWho tradition of pretending to be researching while we actually just sit around stuffing our faces, we bring you our mini-guide to the best outdoor eats in Xela:


Daytripper San Pedro: The San Antonio Hot Springs

One of the best day trips from San Pedro is one that surprisingly few people actually do. It’s not that much of a surprise, really – the San Antonio hot springs don’t get a mention in many of the guide books and local tour operators seem to be reluctant to push them as an option.


Soccer Game Breaks Out at Riot

by Chris Perras

At an 11am riot on Sunday, May 6 at Mario Camposeco Stadium, a closely-contested soccer game broke out between Comunicaciones of Guatemala City and the Xelajú Superchivos. “I don’t know what happened,” remarked a particularly irate thrower-of-sharp-objects. “We were hurling things onto the field in a disorderly manner and all of […]

Ask Dr. Sabelotodo: Fireworks

Dear Dr. Sabeletodo, I keep getting woken up by fireworks going off in the early morning. Am I missing some sort of national celebration? -Culturally Aware

Dear Party Pooper, Fear not. If there were a national celebration going on you, would be waking up with the feeling that you had been teleported to the Israeli-Lebanese […]