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XelaWho by Issue

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July 2008 Issue: Here Beginneth the Sermon

It’s always the year of something. The elderly, disabled people. Refugees. And quite often, the month of something. International goodwill. The environment. Water. Then, as if that’s not enough, we quite often declare it the day of something, too. Fathers. Mothers. Secretaries.

It’s almost as if humans have lost touch with the seasonal rituals that […]

La Cultura en el Centro

By Maria Chacon

The mix of Guatemalans and extranjeros in downtown Xela creates a unique environment in which to learn and dance salsa. As in all worlds, there are good and bad people. The bad guys on the Guatemalan side are those that look at extranjeras as sexual objects or mere opportunities to eat, drink […]

Hot Spots

by Travis Harvey

So you’ve been here a few weeks and you’re as sick of rice and beans on your plate as you are tired of Billie Jean and I want you back being played at benefit parties. So you think to yourself that you’d really like to cook something special for your host […]