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XelaWho by Issue

September 2008 Issue: Here Comes the Fair

Dust off your cowboy boots, people – it’s Fair time again in Quetzaltenango. If you want to get technical about it, we’re talking about La Feria Internacional de Independencia.

First held back in 1884 in the Canton San Nicolas, the fair has had various homes over the years, but in 1984, to celebrate its centenary, […]

Travel Gadgets

By Lucas Vidgen

Travel can be a very Zen-like experience. Throw some clothes in a bag, get the dog put down and you’re out the door. Some people, however, take the whole “preparation” thing a little more seriously. Take a look at some of these must haves…


History Lesson: Who’s On the Five?

By Robin Friday

After one of my Guatemalan friends said to me, “Almost nobody knows the history of the people on our currency,” I became curious about this rainbow colored cast of characters.


The Tilapita Turtle Weekend

By Lucas Vidgen

What exactly is the problem here? The Green Sea Turtles, which live and nest along the Pacific Coasts of Mexico and Guatemala, are in danger of extinction. Apart from loss of habitat, the greatest threat to their well-being is that these little suckers are delicious, according to the coast-dwellers, and Green Turtle […]

Ex-pat Happy: Shocking Claims

In a move that has shocked Quetzaltenango’s foreign community, US retiree John Stevenson has gone on record as being “quite happy” living in Xela.

Stevenson, 53, retired and moved here three years ago. Since then he alleges to be having “a pretty good time”, with his adaptation to local culture being “relatively hassle-free”.

Stevenson made […]

Market Analysis: A Whirlwind Tour of Xela’s Markets

By Laura Walton

Markets abound in Xela – La Demo, Central, las Flores, Terminal Minerva, just to name a few. Yet somehow, we foreigners keep finding ourselves in the Dispensa and at Paiz, browsing the familiar aisles at our leisure and choosing neatly packaged boxes of imported food. And while even the best of us […]

Daytripper: Cool Trips. Close by.

Daytripper is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on day trips within easy reach of Xela. This month’s article is called: The Shortest Trek in Central America.

By Wonkey Eye of Quetztaltrekkers

Pretty much every tourist in Xela knows about Quetzaltrekkers’ amazing treks to Santiaguito, Tajumulco, Santa Maria, the Fuentes and of course the trek to Lake […]

Rainy Day Xela: Don’t Let the Rain Stop Your Fun

By Lucas Vidgen

We know – it hardly seems fair. You’ve been sitting in Spanish class all morning, looking out the window at the beautiful sunshine. Then, at one o’ clock you step outside and big fat raindrops start to fall. Well, despair not. We’ve put together a list of our Favorite Things to do […]