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XelaWho by Issue

October 2008 Issue: You’re Still Here?

It’s October already. That’s the tenth month of 2008, for those of us who haven’t looked at a calendar for awhile. You’re still in Xela? The college student summer breakers are long gone, the fair has packed up and left, and even the rainy season is on its way out. What are you still doing […]

Exercise: Looking to Ship Out & Shape Up? Think Again

By Alison Searle

So you may be thinking, a trip to Guatemala could do me some good; climbing volcanoes, backpacking through pueblos, a bout or two or travelers diarrhea, maybe I’ll drop a few pounds or twenty and go home a whole new person?


I Knew Who Che Guevara Was Way Before I Bought This T-Shirt

By Michael Kincaid

You know, a lot of people get involved in revolutionary politics after they buy their Che T shirt, but I’d just like to point out that I knew a fair bit about him beforehand.


In Search of the Ultimate Tree House

by Cynthia Ord

When I was a kid, my dad built an awesome tree house in our backyard. Propped up on a tree and three stilts, the little fort featured a deck, a pulley, and a sandbox in its shade. It made a great neighborhood clubhouse and hideout. I thought it was the ultimate tree […]