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XelaWho by Issue

August 2009 Issue: 10 Things You Never Knew About XelaWho (*And Never Thought to Ask)

Four years ago we had an idea: to make the best magazine that Quetzaltenango had ever seen – funny, well-written, informative and beautiful to look at. That was a lot of work, so we started making XelaWho instead.

Over the years, we’ve blown a sizeable number of trumpets – mostly our own – but on […]

Rooster vs. Goat: A Gallo vs. Cabro Taste Test

By James Gray & Riley Lynch

Gallo or Cabro? Not since the days of “Less filling! Tastes great!”has there been such a contest for the hearts and minds and expanding waistlines of the unwittingly sober. Wikitravel, Wikipedia’s answer to Lonely Planet, has this to say:“Cabro, which some consider one of the best beers in the […]

¿Qué Onda Vos? A Series on Speaking Guatemalan Spanish

“¿Qué onda vos?” is XelaWho’s a monthly guide to speaking Spanish Guatemalan style. This month’s topic: bathroom Spanish by James Gray.

I don’t know about your Spanish teacher, but mine was a proper grandmotherly type who felt uncomfortable discussing topics like taking a leak in Spanish. In contrast, we at XelaWho, as you can tell, […]

Daytripper: Cool Trips. Close by.

Daytripper is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on day trips within easy reach of Xela. This issue focuses on: Loma Linda, a rainforest adventure.

By Luisa Ditmars

What has the brand-new ecotourism project at Loma Linda got that is so unique? Certainly there are better-known ecotourism projects on coffee fincas that offer pleasant hikes, talks, meals […]

Spotlight On: A Series on Culture & the Arts

“Spotlight On” is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on all things cultural & artistic in Xela and Guatemala. This month’s topic is: Hugo Cité, Local Latin Pop Crooner

By James Gray

Pedacito de la tierra morena, El encanto de mi sueño azul.

The above lyrics are from an original song written by local crooner Hugo Cité, […]

Waiting For the End of the World: Guatemalan Party for the Mayan Apocalypse

By Riley Lynch

In case you didn’t get the memo: the end of the world is nigh. Friday, December 21, 2012, to be exact. That’s the day the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, the Mayas’ precociously accurate system for marking time, turns over its last page.

According to the Popol Vuh, the book of holy Mayan […]

What to do With 10-Centavo Coins

By Steve Mullaney

Nobody likes the diez centavos de quetzal coin. This is a coin whose primary function is to give a big “screw you” to the recipient. “Didn’t bring exact change to my microbus? Well, here are seven unspendable coins in change. Have a nice day, jerk off,” thinketh the ayudante. Thereupon, your seven […]

Why Is This Popular: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona Gear

By Steve Mullaney

Style is different everywhere, but nowhere is this more apparent in Guatemala where the majority of us fashionistas walk around puzzled. We try to bring you explanations behind the most confusing trends with Ricardo and Jorge, med students at a local university. This month’s topic: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Clothing/Gear.


On the Road Guatemala: Hiking in Nebaj, Cuchumatanes

By Claire Bourgin

Nebaj is a small town in the Cuchumatanes mountains in the northwest of Guatemala and situated in the Ixil Triangle. Last December, I organized a hiking trip there with friends.

Our guide Nicolas was a man in his 50s and a local farmer speaking Ixil and Spanish. Our first stop was the […]

Xela Sidewalk Etiquette

By Armando Caminando

As we all know, Xela is not reknowned for its wide, smooth sidewalks. We are forced to share walkways made of a combination of cobblestone, brick, dirt, tile, bubblegum, urine, spit and pavement bonded with centimeter-thin cement. You may not realize there is a code of courtesy that goes against many people’s […]