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XelaWho by Issue

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Running in Xela

By James Gray

Coroner’s report: the young victim’s organs were essentially healthy, except the lungs, which were coated with a 5-cm layer consisting of black phlegm enriched with diesel soot and car exhaust. How did the poor victim manage to breathe for so long?

I fear that this may be my own coroner’s report in […]

The People on the Bus

By Alyssa Huff

A bus trip a couple of weekends ago transported me back to 6th grade when I had just moved to a new school (read: only had one friend) and had plenty of time to observe the dynamics of the bus. Specifically, I learned how to stereotype kids based on how they rode. […]

Barfly: Xela’s Jet Set…Well, Chicken Bus Set

Barfly is XelaWho’s monthly gallery of photos of folks enjoying themselves in night spots around town. Who knows how many modeling and movie careers we’ve spawned? Have a look to see who’s famous this month, May 2010.