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XelaWho by Issue

August 2010 Issue: 2010’s Hottest Parasites

Have you climbed Volcan Santa Maria? Good. What about haggled for food at the market? Well done. Are you getting close to bilingual? Excellent. What do you need to make your Guatemala experience memorable? Unless you’ve caught that hot new parasite that everyone’s been talking about, your time in Xela is not yet complete. […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

…And don’t forget to tip your waitstaff

In a recent Prensa Libre infographic, Guatemala’s demographers showed that the occidente (home to Xela) is the third-poorest region in Guatemala. Country-wide 27% of the country lives on $1 a day or less. That’s less than Q8 the last time that we checked at the bank.


World in Briefs: More News, Less Reading

Here’s the nutty news for August, 2010. Among other things, divers who were excavating a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea have discovered a cache of what is thought to be the oldest champagne known to man.


Daytripper: Getaway-way to Huehue

By Steve Mullaney

Poor, sad, Huehuetenango. It would appear that whoever is in charge of the Huehue (pronounced way-way) tourism board has been asleep at work for the past couple of decades—how many people have you heard of that actually want to go to Huehuetenango for tourism?


Spotlight On: Justo Rufino Barrios

News for you about the man on 5 Q. By Elena Alvarado

You’re probably familiar with the bearded friendly visage of Justo Rufino Barrios—even if you’ve never heard of him before. Barrios is the face of the Q5 bill, although a crisp bill makes him look younger and less wrinkled than an older one. But, […]

Market Watch: Seafood

By Chris Warren

So, you like to cook? Or perhaps you just wanna shake things up a bit in the kitchen and take a walk on the culinary wild-side. Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to let you in on a little (not-so) secret spot that may well change your life forever…the […]

Guatemala This Month


If you are looking for a pick-me-up then you should realize that you’re much better off drinking a beer than reading the newspaper—especially this month which was most definitely not one of the best months for safety in Guatemala.


Why is this Popular? Military Marching Bands

By Steve Mullaney

If you are lucky enough to live just a little bit outside of the city center, then you have no doubt experienced the seemingly non-stop practice of student military-style marching bands. (If not, imagine the death cries of a slaughterhouse with a constant bass drum beat). These bands will rehearse in […]

Cooking with Chris

Eat Fresh, Get Your Chef On… By Chris Warren

Hopefully after reading my earlier article about seafood in Xela (see here), you’re feeling bold and ready to head to the Demo to grab a meal of mariscos. If you’re in need of a little inspiration on how to take your seafood to the next level, […]

Barfly: Xela’s Jet Set…Well, Chicken Bus Set

Barfly is XelaWho’s monthly gallery of photos of folks enjoying themselves in night spots around town. Who knows how many modeling and movie careers we’ve spawned? Have a look to see who’s famous this month, August 2010.