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XelaWho by Issue

Taking Flight: A New Year’s Fable

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to fresh starts and plans for the future. And, humans that we are, more often than not these plans come to naught. So let me tell you a little story that should put us all to shame.

A while ago, some of the neighborhood kids decided […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

Traffic Lights: The Saga Continues

Looks like our running commentary on Xela’s 40 new traffic lights is destined to keep running as it appears that the guy in charge of synchronizing them decided to spend the afternoon in the cantina instead.


A Night at La Pradera

by Steve Mullaney

Do you miss strip malls, chain restaurants and depressing casinos? Don’t worry, much like massacres of indigenous people and the Jonas Brothers, these are things that follow the bright light of American Capitalism™ anywhere it goes. If you’re looking for a different way to spend a night on the town, check […]

Visiting Maximon

by Diana Pastor

A visit to San Simon (or Maximón) provides a fascinating glimpse into the religious, historical and cultural realities of Guatemala. His story encapsulates many creation myths, themselves part historical record, part mythology. He’s a holy pagan whose status ranges from Chimam (Mayan sorcerer) to Catholic priest. As a Chimam, he’s said […]

Climbing La Candelaria

Before Adventure Tourism® was invented, packaged, marketed and sold providing you’d filled out all the forms and signed the requisite waivers and disclaimers, there was this thing called “going for a walk”. It seems weird now, almost quaint, but what we used to do was chuck a couple of sandwiches in a backpack and head […]

Why Is This Popular? Hollering Medicine

by Steve Mullaney

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, I HOPE THAT MY HOLLERING ISN’T BOTHERING YOU! Thus begins a twelve-minute discourse about how a supposed eucalyptus cream will cure everything from bone cancer to acne and help you get laid all at the same time.


Transport In Xela

by Susana Raymundo

We should start with the famous chicken bus, aka the camioneta or parrilla (grill), the grill being the rack on top where the luggage and sometimes passengers ride.


Guatemala News Wrap Up

November wrapped with more security concerns as prisoners in Guatemala City’s Fraijanes prison took over the installation, causing experts to comment that the country’s prisons were effectively run by the prisoners. At the same time it was revealed that there are now 150,000 private security guards working in Guatemala.

In an effort to improve an […]