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XelaWho by Issue

Easter Comes Early

You may be wondering why, in the March issue, we’re talking about Easter. Well check this out, heathen: Easter around these parts starts 40 days before what you and I know as Chocolate Egg Day. So put your baskets away, pull up a pew and get ready as we drop some serious Easter science.

The […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

A Word on Safety

Xela is a fun city. It has great places to eat, explore and go out at night. We encourage you to do so, but just like in any other city, please do so with caution. Due to recent events we […]

NDE on Santiaguito

by Susana Raymundo

We camped behind a mountain that protected us from the crater but we could see and hear every eruption of Santiaguito, and it sounded like an airplane taking off at first, and trailed off into a steam train whistle.


You Need To Try This Crepes Place

by Steve Mullaney

Visitors to Xela need to do three things: climb Volcan Santa Maria, visit one of the fabulous natural hot springs and visit Crepas a, well, crepes restaurant. Crepas is not on the map, but it is definitely worth the trek out beyond the Tecun Uman statue and into Trigales. To wit: have […]

Why Is This Popular?

Painting Every Single Rock in Guatemala

by Steve Mullaney

As you can probably tell, as every single billboard in the country is being filled with the smiling faces of politicians, it is now election season. Legally, candidates cannot begin to campaign yet, although political parties can “proselyte” to the public*. Part of this process has […]

Xela’s Cerveceria Nacional

by Diana Pastor

Many (many) years ago, Quetzaltenango was seen as a good place for foreign investment and many Europeans and North Americans established or expanded businesses here.


Climbing La Muela

by Chris Warren

For this month’s Daytripper I’m excited to share my favorite local hike: La Muela. It’s long enough that you get the chance to enjoy a wide variety of scenery, but it shouldn’t leave you too exhausted. For those who have misplaced their Spanish dental vocabulary flash cards, “La Muela” means The Molar. […]

Dear Dr. Wisdom

transcribed by Blake Nelson

Dear Dr. Wisdom is a nationally syndicated advice column, and we are pleased to have William Walker as this month’s “Dr. Wisdom.” A native Tennessean, Walker is most famous for travelling to Nicaragua in 1856 and declaring himself king. His new government was immediately recognized by the United States, yet challenged […]

Guatemala News Wrap Up

January wrapped on an odd note, with cell phone companies promising congress to do more to track the use of stolen cell phones and the US stepping up to say that its antiterrorist agency would investigate recent bombings of Guatemala City inner-city buses.


Great Xela Boondoggles

I hear people complaining all the time about the lack of infrastructure in Guatemala, but I beg to differ: There’s plenty of stuff getting built here. What you should be complaining about is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Don’t believe me? We’ve compiled a little list of some of the biggest wastes of public money […]