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XelaWho by Issue

Hell is…

Coming from a relatively under-populated country (it’s almost embarrassing to do the calculation, but a little under 3 people per km sq), one of the hardest things to adjust to here was just the sheer amount of people crammed into what I formerly thought of as my space. Everywhere you look, there are people. Turn […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

Culture Corner

Another busy month for the cuna de la cultura (that would be Xela, btw) as we see Ana Lucretia Sunum’s exhibition “Tiempos del Bosque” extended throughout April by popular demand. Click here for an interview with the artist. The Centro Cultural Chocoyos is doing its bit, too, with concerts by Guatemalan acts such […]

Why is This Popular?

Plastic 1 Quetzal Bills

by Steve Mullaney

Outside of Guatemala, a wad of poorly folded green plastic is known as “garbage”; inside Guatemala it is known as “Q1 bills”. These bills are ugly, impractical and never seem to fit quite right in any wallet. Why would the government do this? Besides cracking down on […]

Xela Nightlife

by Susana Raymundo

If you’re talking Big Concerts, you’ll find them in the Central Park, Municipal Theater, Stadium, out at the Templo Minerva or in the old Army Base in Zona 3. But let’s have a look at what goes on downtown on an ordinary Saturday night.


Typical Guatemalan Dress

by Diana Pastor

Surely many of our readers have by now admired the diversity of indigenous women’s dress and the way it changes as you move throughout Guatemala. The huge range of colors and designs are not just things of beauty, but also say something about each of the individual cultures they represent.


Daytripper: Ziplining at Vuelo Extremo

by Blake Nelson

Enjoy heights? Simulated falling? Spacesuits get you all claustrophobic? Zip-lining at a nearby coffee finca will show you how the Mayans should have traveled from temple to temple.


Hiking to Lake Atitlan

by Chris Warren

Perhaps the most rewarding hike I’ve ever done, the caminata from Xela to Lake Atitlan provides a great mix of highland scenery and rural village life that’s waaaay off the beaten path (meaning you should definitely enlist the services of a guide).


Spotlight On… Ana Lucrecia Sunum

Multi-award winning, internationally recognized Quetzalteca artist Ana Lucrecia Sunum’s exhibition “Tiempos del Bosque” has been extended throughout April at the Vessica Gallery. XelaWho caught up with the artist to talk about her life and work.


You Know You’re In The 3rd World When…

We know – it’s easy enough to forget. There you are, downloading the latest Lady Gaga tracks to your iPhone while chomping into a chocolate cheesecake – it’s almost possible to believe that you’re somewhere in the developed world. But every now and then you get a little reality check. Below are some of our […]

The Campaign

by Elena Alvarado

Now that the campaign season is upon us, your XelaWho is providing monthly updates. We are trying our best to provide the most in-depth information without being murdered for reporting on the truth. Make sure to check this space out for a mix of jokes, lies and propaganda. This month, we’re focusing […]