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XelaWho by Issue

… Being Green

It’s fairly safe to say that, on a government/official level, Guatemala has yet to fully embrace the environmental movement.

While people in other countries are faithfully separating their paper and plastic and driving it down to the recycling center in their hybrid SmartCars, your average Guatemalan is throwing every piece of available trash out of […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

DON’T MISS THIS: Quetzaltenango’s VII Annual International Poetry Festival

We like to keep an eye on what’s going on around here, and some months Xela’s nickname “the Cradle of Culture” seems like a cruel and ironic joke.

But then some months the city really pulls one out of the bag and surprises everybody. Well, […]


The Gringo Nod

by Steve Mullaney

Life in Xela is fraught with a number of uncomfortable social situations: What do you do when you meet your host family? (give a gift that is of your culture). What should you be tipping? (10% if the service was good). What do you do when you meet your […]

El Mal de Ojo

by Susana Raymundo

In the upcoming months we will be looking at some of the beliefs and folklore particular to Guatemala. This month, the mal de ojo (evil eye).


Typical Guatemalan Dress

by Diana Pastor

One of the most fascinating, representative things about Guatemala is the traje (typical dress) used by Mayan women. A brief glance at the colors and designs used provides a window into the history, customs, way of life and ideology of the community.


Climbing the 7 Orejas

by Chris Warren

This month’s Daytripper hike brings you to the rim of one of the oldest volcanoes in all of Guatemala, El Volcán Siete Orejas, permitting views of the Santiaguito, Santa Maria, Atitlan and Tacana Volcanoes as well as the coast. You can easily camp at one of the many Miradores and make it […]

The Museo de la Marimba

by Jed Herrmann

What do a Macintosh Classic II computer, a soccer trophy, a tube of Chinese toothpaste, and some colonial-era pistols have in common?

Obviously, they are all artifacts in Xela’s very own Museo de la Marimba Jesus Castillo.



by Chris Warren

Xela is an awesome town, however, given that it lies squarely within the tortilla belt, those who have wandered its cobblestone streets in search of a good baguette or other artisanal breads are likely to have been disappointed… until now. Yeah, yeah – Bake Shop is good, but sometimes their abundance of […]

Tips on Not Getting Ripped Off

by Steve Mullaney

Nobody likes getting ripped off, especially if you are living or traveling on a fixed budget. Ranging between inconvenient for overpaying at the market to urgent if your credit card gets stolen, it is best to make sure that you prevent rip offs before they happen. Following these clever tips and tricks […]

Guatemala News Wrap Up

More rumblings on the presidential divorce scandal – vice president Manuel Estrada went public saying that he disagreed with president Colom’s decision to get a divorce so that his wife could run for office, and that he had only heard about the decision throug media reports.