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XelaWho by Issue

When it Rains…

We don’t mean to be breaking any world-exclusives here, but our colleagues at the XelaWho Roadside Taco Stand and Meteorological Station inform us that there is a fairly good chance that the rainy season has actually begun. Telling signs: The gathering of dark clouds, followed by liquid falling from sky.

To anybody who hasn’t ridden […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

Here Come the Zetas?

Xela has long been a refuge for drug dealers and small time criminals, but up until now the accompanying violence associated with these folk has been nearly absent, almost as if Xela is considered off-limits for drug wars, as it’s the place where the narcos live, their kids go to […]

Why is this Popular? Shoeshines

by Steve Mullaney

Say what you want about the economy, the environment and the political situation, but Guatemala definitely has the “our shoes are not shiny enough” situation under control. Unlike such places as Poland, Cambodia and Guam that rank low on the worldwide Global Shine Index (GSI), Guatemala has been in the top 5% […]

Xela’s Natural History Museum

by Jed Herrmann

This month’s quiz: what do old soda bottles, mangy stuffed animals, and a 2,000 year-old pot have in common?


Plants that Cure

by Diana Pastor

As we enter the Guatemalan rainy season we have to be particularly careful with microorganisms that prosper in humid conditions. It’s better to take preventative measures, and if you prefer natural medicines you’ll be pleased to know that Guatemalan culture has a long tradition of the use of plants to prevent and […]

Eco-Tourism Ends in Guatemala as Inguat Promotes Pollute-ourism

by Steve Mullaney

Announcing that it had finally found its niche, INGUAT, (Guatemalan Tourism Institute) announced that it is abandoning its “silly dream” of eco-tourism and is focusing instead on pollute-ourism, or tourism that is focused on bringing foreigners to gawk at breathtaking works of pollution and environmental destruction. The announcement is timed to coincide […]

El Susto

by Susana Raymundo

In a continuing series, we are looking at some of the beliefs and folklore particular to Guatemala. This month, El Susto (The Fear).


Guatemala News Wrap Up

May began on a disappointing note for president Colom, as he asked Congress for Q5 billion to finance government spending. Congress said… ah, no.