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XelaWho by Issue

Coffee Break

Two of our favorite things here at XelaWho are drinking coffee and taking breaks. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that our offices are adorned with many a homage to Saint Pancho, officially recognized as the patron saint of the coffee break. Every day we fire up our computer, look at Saint P’s benevolent […]

Stuff: Some of the information you just can’t do without, plus a whole lot of filler

Garbage Can Blues

No doubt, as you’ve been walking around Parque Central, you have noticed the new trash cans that have popped up, attached to the different lampposts on streets that border the park. While we are certainly a fan of putting litter in its place (far too many people seem to think that if […]

Try A Cafe Con Chile

By: Susana Raymundo

If you have been in Guatemala for longer than twenty minutes, then you have probably had a cup of coffee.

People who don’t drink coffee are, well, weird. Some people like agua de calcetín (dirty sock water), and others like strong coffee…but the one thing that we can all agree on is […]

Why Is This Popular? — Nescafe

By: Steve Mullaney

There is good coffee, there is bad coffee, and there is Nescafe. For those of you who haven’t been initiated, Nescafe is an instant coffee that produces a coffee-ish taste. Only tolerable with at least three scoops of sugar, Nescafe is the reason why you want to ask “Es cafe de maquina?” […]

Playing It Old School

By: Jed Herrmann

With the Superchivos season well underway, some readers have likely had the cultural experience of seeing a Xelaju game in person- though picking up on last month’s column about the team’s ever changing schedule, maybe not*. Those that have managed to attend a game have traveled in the time machine that is […]

Break Time On The Beach

By: Elena Alvarado

Some reporters have all the luck. Instead of getting stuck at a soccer game in the rain or writing about the park, I got to take a trip to many of the major beach towns on the Pacific. Now about that expense account…

Anyway, the small towns on the Pacific are as […]

Everything’s Q3…Even This Article

By: Diana Pastor

You can’t consider yourself to be chapín quite yet unless you have started to make your purchases in the Guatemalan style—haggling over every price. Wherever you go in the market, at stores and at the malls you will run into salespeople who will give you thirteen different prices. If you are looking […]

Guatemala News Round-Up

So. There was an election. Maybe you saw an ad or two about it.

September 11th, was the national election day, and there were very few surprises. Retired General Otto Perez and businessman/congressman Manuel Baldizon made it into the runoff with 36 and 23 percent of the vote, respectively. The election to determine the next […]