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XelaWho by Issue

Remembering Our Ancestors in November

With the beginning of November come many changes in Guatemala and Xela. As the cover denotes, this month is a time of remembrance and celebration with the Dia de Todos Los Santos (or All Saints’ Day) and los Fieles Difuntos (colloquially known as Day of the Dead).

While All Saints’ Day is a […]

Stuff: Stuff about Stuff

Talking Points: The Weather

The necessary ingredient in near every casual conversation, shooting the breeze about the weather is an honored pastime in Xela. And with another change of season upon us, it is time to brush up on appropriate weather-related talking points. It’s time to quit complaining about the rain and start grousing about […]

World in Brief

Here at XelaWho, we take our half-assed journalism very seriously. Which is why we spend five minutes a month searching for news you can barely use.


The country imposed a fat tax on all products containing saturated fats (including items such as butter, milk, meat, and frozen pizza). In addition to massive hoarding in […]

Why is this Popular? Talking about the Weather

By Steve Mullaney

After football, the most popular sport in Xela is “Talking About The Weather.” The populace is blessed with an internal thermometer that is never satisfied. While folks are usually too cold, they will sometimes take a break to be too hot. This constant discomfort means that folks are unusually well prepared to […]

One Night and One Day for the Dead

By Susana Raymundo

The first of November is one of the holiest days of the year in Guatemala. On this special day, you remember your deceased loved ones and you make time to visit their final resting place. Markets, streets and parks are filled with flowers, crosses, candles, and fruits of the harvest: squash, pumpkin, […]

Go Fly a Kite!

By Diana Pastor

If you have not had the opportunity to spend November in Guatemala, you will quickly notice that barriletes, or kites, will be a common site this month. Road side stands sport every conceivable size and design while the skies fill with cometas (comets), as kites are know here. No this isn’t a […]

Do You Know Mario Camposeco?

By Jed Herrmann

There was little action on the field for the Superchivos last month because of schedule quirks and game cancellations due to heavy rain. Given the lack of action on the field this month, this reporter decided to bring a little investigative journalism to the Xela soccer world.


Running a Half Marathon- Or Not

By Elena Alvarado

As a general rule, if there is a half-marathon in your town and it costs $6, you sort of have to do it, even if you’re only partially in shape. What resulted from the application of this rule last year was a (mostly) fun and uniquely Guatemalan experience.


Guatemala News Wrap Up

As it often happens this time of year, the big news last month was the weather. Across the country earthquakes, floods, and landslides destroyed homes, highways, and crops. Such disasters have the government looking for funds to aid displaced families and rebuild infrastructure. And as usual, the government is requesting donations and loans from the […]