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XelaWho by Issue

End of an era

December 21st 2012 is the date that is on everyone´s minds this year, not just for us folk in Guatemala, where the mystical date originates from, but across the world. An array of theories and prophesies surround the 21st, predicting everything from the apocalypse, to collective spiritual awakening, to alien invasions. But with the mind-boggling […]

Another option for Christmas Decorations – Vernacular Decorations

by Diana Pastor

When I was studying constructive drawing, they taught me about an interesting way to make the buildings of a particular place more attractive: vernacular architecture. This form of architecture uses elements of the surrounding region to build and decorate. An example of this in Guatemala would be the construction of […]

The Day of the Dead

Fear not, this month´s editorial is not about an impending zombie apocalypse, although we´d forgive you for thinking that – what with another bizarre human flesh-eating tale coming out of the United States this month involving New York City police officer Gilberto Valle´s gruesome plot to kidnap, cook up and eat hundreds of women. You […]

Sick? Where to go…

by Diana Pastor

What better idea for November – famous for the Day of the Dead – than to provide you with some advice on how to postpone this festivity for yourself. Unfortunately, not all the foreigners that visit Xela come equipped with medical insurance with universal coverage, […]

The Legend of Vanushca

Vanushca Cárdenas Baraja was the daughter of a gypsy family who migrated from Hungary to Guatemala in the early twentieth century. She and her family worked for a travelling circus that performed around the country for a while before settling down in Xela for several months. The shows were very popular and […]


P o p p i n g

New football stands

Great news for super-chivo fans out there who don’t want to have to worry about not being able to get tickets for all the important football games here in Xela – this September it was announced that new stands are confirmed to be built […]

Guatemalan Authors

by Diana Pastor

Continuing on from last month’s recommendations of Latin American authors this month we will be recommending some of the most significant writers from Guatemala.

The first is Humberto Akabal, an Indigenous poet born in Momostenango Totonicapán. His poetic style is simple but powerful and profound. His poems are always written […]

Children in Public Spaces

by Susana Raymundo

The first day of October is usually celebrated as the “Day of the Child” – to celebrate children growing up within large families or within families where they are the only child.


Independence Queens

By Patricia Escalon

If you survived August in Xela, you probably think you can sleep in again in September. Well, all those school bands that kept you from a good lie in are nothing in comparison to the Independence Festivities. However, if you are freshly arrived and wanting […]


P o p p i n g

Miss Quetzaltenango

The 24th of August saw one of Xela’s most anticipated evenings of year when Linda Celina Cifuentes Rios was chosen and crowned as Miss Quetzaltenango, 2012-2013. Xela’s newest beauty queen is 19 years old and studies International Relations at the Universidad Rafael Landival. She was […]