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XelaWho by Issue

In With The New

In with the new and out with the old, so begins another year. Shake off that fireworks hangover (who doesn’t like fireworks, but was it really necessary to shoot off that many?) and turn those calendars over to the 2012 page (what you haven’t bought your 2012 calendar yet? You’ve certainly had plenty of […]


P o p p i n g

New Public Works Projects

Literally popping at this time of year, fireworks displays are nearly ubiquitous during the Christmas and New Year holidays. From simple roman candles to more elaborate sky filling displays (see this month’s cover), […]

World In Briefs

Here at XelaWho we take our hard hitting journalism seriously, which is why we scour the world for completely useless news- just another way we save you from having to waste your own valuable time on such pursuits.


WITP: Selling Belts in the Street

By Jed Herrmann

As opposed to some other parts of the country (specifically one old town), there are blessedly few wandering vendors on Xela’s streets. Unless you go to La Democracia market, you’re likely to be only occasionally hassled by someone approaching you to hawk their wares.


Partying with Cristo Negro

By Diana Pastor

Every month in Guatemala is a party, at least somewhere in the country. With over 300 municipalities, each with their own annual celebration, there is almost a party per day on average (and that’s not even including more widely celebrated patron saint days and national holidays). From this party-all-the-time ethos, there are […]

Stitching Together the Past

By Susana Raymundo

Weaving is an important part of cultural heritage with the backstrap loom as an inheritance that comes passed from previous generations. Thanks to the grandmothers, mothers, sisters (and perhaps a few grandfathers, fathers and brothers mixed in there), the ways of weaving endure to this day. This seed of traditional weaving grows […]

The Anatomy of a Soccer Riot

By Jed Herrmann

They don’t just happen at random. Let us explore how soccer (football) riots take shape using the recent riot at Estadio Mario Camposeco as a guide, (well, it may not qualify as a soccer riot, but it makes a catchier title than “disturbance” and the use of tear gas has to count […]

Cheeseburger in Paradise

By Elena Alvarado

Following up on last month’s review of Xela’s fried chicken scene, this month we’ll chow down on another of Guatemala’s most common menu items: the hamburger. Well, actually the cheeseburger because we like cheese.


Guatemala News Wrap-up

In a saga out of a movie, the details of Cristina Siekavizza’s disappearance continued to come out last month. Many may recall that she is the housewife and mother of two who disappeared last July 7. After her disappearance, her husband (Roberto Barreda de Leon), her family, and friends held vigils in her honor and […]