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XelaWho by Issue

We Love Xela!

Obviously we love Xela; even we wouldn’t be wasting our time with the labor of love that is this magazine if we didn’t love the place we were living in and writing about. While this love is implied throughout the year, this month we bring it out into the open with our love themed edition […]


P o p p i n g

Outdoor Eating

With the sunny days of February, we’re in prime outdoor eating season. And what better way to enjoy the sun in the city you love than by stopping at one of the city’s local food […]

World in Briefs

Here at XelaWho we take our hard hitting journalism seriously, which is why we scour the world for completely useless news- just another way we save you from having to waste your own valuable time on such pursuits.

Great Britain A ‘‘temporarily overzealous profanity checker’’ was blamed for an online television guide that listed the […]

WITP: Making Out in Public

By Elena Alvarado

With the month of love upon us, Why is This Popular delves into a commonly observed phenomena in Xela: people making out in public. Public squares, parks, alleys, doorways, bus stops, almost anywhere you look you’re likely to see some amorous couple exchanging longing hugs, passionate kisses, or more (most of you […]

We Love the Superchivos

By Jed Herrmann

Keeping with our Valentine’s Day theme (and with current season off to a non-newsworthy start), we’ll dedicate this column to explaining our love for Xela’s soccer team. So here are five reasons we love the SuperChivos, and why you should too.


How to Trick Someone into Loving You

By Diana Pastor

In February it is popular to celebrate the cultural (and commercial) phenomena that is St. Valentine’s Day, or as it is more popularly known el Dia de Carino-oddly Google translates this as “honey day” which could probably be a whole column in itself. But we’ll focus here on a more practical (at […]

Of Secret Friends, Lovers, and Loss

By Susana Raymundo

Every year we wait with anticipation and excitement for the arrival of February 14 so that we can express our love with those Valentine’s Day traditions. It begins in the first week of February- ok fine, maybe really in January after the Christmas decorations come down- when the streets fill with people […]

Will You Be My Valentine, Mr. Burrito?

By Elena Alvarado

Who doesn’t love a good burrito? All that tasty goodness wrapped in convenient tortilla holder. So in the interest of love and tastiness, we’ve reviewed Xela’s burrito options for your eating pleasure. For this contest we ordered a basic chicken burrito at places across town and here’s how they came out.


Guatemala News Wrap

With his inauguration last month, the era of President Otto Perez Molina has officially begun. Among his first moves was to implement a plan to improve security in the country. Known as the Interdiction Plan, the operation put 7,000 soldiers into the country’s most dangerous and criminally active areas. While the administration has provided high […]