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XelaWho by Issue

We are the Champions

Possibly you noticed an inordinate amount of fireworks going off in the city in the last few weeks. But then again, possibly you didn’t. In case you have been so immersed in your language studies that you’ve had no time for the outside world, we’ll let you in on what all the celebrations are about: […]


P o p p i n g

Tapachula Direct

Good news for visa-runners and contraband-smugglers alike – the days of the four chicken bus saga to get from Xela to Tapachula, Mexico appear to be over. Of course we have few details and those that we do have are probably wrong, but […]

Superchivos Update

by Janne Sørensen

May was one crazy month for Xela’s soccer team, Los Super Chivos. It was a close race to make it to the playoffs, but Xelaju did it. In the playoffs Xelaju played Heredia. They lost a close match in Izabal 1-2, but won the return match 6-2 in an amazing match at […]

Superchivo Fans

by Susanna Raymundo

All over Xela you can see people playing soccer – on synthetic fields, dirt, grass and sand and in the backyards and alleys of any neighborhood.


Urban Sustainability: El Infinito

by Pedro Rodríguez

Sustainability has many definitions, but perhaps one of the simpler ways to explain it is that we are able to produce more then we consume and by doing so have the capacity to endure. This can be easier to achieve if we live out in the country, but sustainability in an urban […]

Classic Guatemalan Dishes

by Diane Pastor

Looking for something to do on those rainy Xela afternoons? Why not experiment with Guatemalan cuisine? To get you started here are a couple of simple and delicious recipes, one vegetarian, and one for meat lovers.


Guatemala News Wrap Up

April wrapped on a fairly predictable note – the National Gun Registry program is faltering. While a little over 125,000 guns were registered and turned in, it’s estimated that nearly twice that amount are unregistered, leaving some 12,000+ illegal weapons in circulation. President Otto Pérez Molina came under fire for defending three members of his […]