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XelaWho by Issue

The Dregs of Xela

One of the reasons why Xela is such a popular place for us extranjeros to settle down in for a while, whether for learning Spanish, volunteering, teaching English or just chilling out, is its distinctive mix of old and new. Not only do you get a mix of a traditional Guatemalan town and all its […]


P o p p i n g

Art for the blind

Blind deaf children had the opportunity to participate in an art exhibition in Xela organized especially for them. The children were able to access 10 pieces of work by the artist Ana Lucrecia Sunum, who used thick acrylic paint on canvas so that […]

I am a “muchacha”

by Susanna Raymundo

The muchacha: the maid, the servant, the cook, the housekeeper. These are courageous women, workers, and professionals of the household; poor people in the eyes of the economy but rich in the eyes of love, skills and intelligence. Most lack formal education, although some have studied at primary […]

Sustainable Urban Living

by Pedro Rodriguez

The opportunities we have make a positive change to our daily practices in order to make them more sustainable are vast. If becoming a vegetarian or vegan sounds a bit too radical for you, just including more local produce and seasonal food can be a good start. Reducing our […]

Guatemala News Wrap Up

The ‘Volcán de Fuego’ in Sacatepéquez has continued to show off its colossal eruptive power over the past few weeks, belching out huge quantities of lava and ash and making for some very impressive photos.

Hopefully some good news for hunger and malnutrition in Guatemala – more than 30 organizations met up in June for […]