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XelaWho by Issue

Tis the Season… for terrible Christmas jokes

And so here we are again, everyone’s favourite month of the year has finally arrived for 2013. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about the world coming to an end on the 21st of December again this year, so we can dedicate all of our energies this month to eating mountains of food (and then […]


P o p p i n g

Word of the Year

Give it up for Selfie! The Oxford Dictionary´s Word of the Year for 2013. Perhaps no better reflection of our social media-infused, vanity obsessed, 21st century lives than adding a new word to the Oxford Dictionary entirely dedicated to getting out a camera […]

Recipe of the Month – Atol de Piña

Although not commonly seen in Xela, this atol recipe (the name used for hot drinks in the region, often made with corn) is perfect for the cold winter nights that are rapidly closing in on us. It’s a great drink to serve at your end of year fiestas and can be served as you see […]

Graffiti with artistic and cultural meaning

Once, an extranjero said to me, “Honestly, some of the graffiti in Xela is really quite special. In my country, most works of graffiti are only associated with simple disobedience or with gangs of young delinquents. But not here. Here they are much more a form of artistic and social expression. ”

The truth is […]

100 Issues of XelaWho!!

What you’re holding in your hands is much more than the 100th edition of the little magazine known as XelaWho. Really, what it is is a testament to dumb-ass perseverance and a vindication of slacker culture worldwide.

It all started as all brilliant/ stupid plans do – with a collection of inquietudes. One, us English […]


P o p p i n g

El Guayo captured

It´s a rare occurrence when we can say that it´s been a good month for law enforcement in Guatemala, so lets take a moment to appreciate this achievement this month, as the chances are within a month or two we´ll relegating the law back […]

Recipe of the month – Frijoles Negros

By Simone Riddle

If you intend to spend any time in Guatemala there are two things you need to be able to enjoy eating: tortillas and beans. I love living in Guatemala because I can legitimately eat the same thing for breakfast and for dinner and no one will judge me. Nothing can […]

100 Years Since….

By Diana Pastor

Few political figures in my country are worth remembering long after their time has passed. But this is certainly not the case with a brilliant and exemplary man, whose life story could have been lifted straight from a literary novel. His name: Jacobo Árbenz Guzman. This year marks the 100 […]

Xela Goes Organic

“Organic Sundays” is a new initiative in Xela that aims to bring delicious, fresh, organic food to Parque Central in order to give Quetzaltecans and extranjeros an opportunity to support local farmers and rural communities and learn more about ways to protect the environment and about local organisations and initiatives doing important environmental and development […]


P o p p i n g

Don’t diss Xelaju

Xela´s most hilarious story to hit the local headlines last month goes to the controversy caused by the recently crowned Miss Quetzaltenango and her not-so-cool comments on our bellowed Super Chivos. Only a few days after being crowned, Stephanie Sical caused an outrage across […]