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XelaWho by Issue

Holy Holidays

New era or not, 2013 certainly seems to be whizzing by so far and I, for one, am in need of a holiday. Well, fortunately just a few more weeks and the whole of Latin America gets a week off as they spring into Jesus fever for Semana Santa (Holy Week). That’s one of the […]


P o p p i n g

New transport system on the cards??

Before we go on with our Popping section for this month, we need to issue the warning that this piece of “news” is solely based on promises made by local politicians, both incumbent and aspiring, and so relying on them to […]

Los Garifunas – A Hidden Treasure

By Diana Pastor

The Maya are perhaps the biggest attraction for tourists to our country. However, there are two other major ethnic groups in Guatemala, less known than the Mayas but no less interesting. These are the the Xincas and the Garifunas. In this article, I will tell you a little about the […]

El Chapin

By Susana Raymundo

Nebaj is one of the towns in the Ixil región of the Quiche department. The Mayan culture continues to be strongly prevalent there, as in years past. The town is surrounded by huge mountains which serve to protect it from natural disasters. The following is a translation of one of […]