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XelaWho by Issue

On the Road

A consistently reliable indicator of how a country is developing is its public transport system. As a country’s economy develops it can afford to spend money on safer and more comfortable transport. If you travel around Mexico these days, even in second class buses, you get a relatively comfy seat all to yourself with enough […]


P o p p i n g or F lo p p i n g ??

Pope Francis I

March 2013 will be best remembered as the month when the whole of the Catholic world (and much of the rest) went into Pope-mania, following the (shock-horror!) announcement that Pope Benedict VII had decided to […]

Missing Nebaj

by Susana Raymundo

I’m always thinking of my hometown of Nebaj, how I miss it! I miss its cold rain and icy temperatures getting right into the marrow of my bones. I miss seeing hailstones the size of a peach pit without a single drop of rain falling from the sky. I miss […]

The struggle between the small and large peoples of Guatemala

by Diana Pastor

In my previous article, I spoke a bit about the Garifuna, one of the two non-Mayan ethnic groups in Guatemala. In this month’s edition, I’m going to tell you a little about the Xincas, who live in eastern Guatemala, occupying parts of Jalapa, Jutiapa and Santa Rosa. A Guatemalan writer […]