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We Can Stand the Rain

We know what you’re thinking: This patch of weather is so awesome that there’s no way it can ever end. Well, sorry to pop your bubble, friends, but INSIVUMEH, the snappily-named government department in charge of forecasting the weather (who, incidentally, are no more useless than their international counterparts) have sounded the death knell: The […]


P o p p i n g


You may not know it, but Xela’s nickname is the Cradle of Culture, which at some times seems like a cruel joke and at others fits the bill perfectly. It seems like we’re on an upswing, though – last month’s FLEX literary festival was a raging […]

The Bolo and the Rooster

As told by Colin Shadel

Every neighborhood has its drunk, and ours is no exception. Don Arturo is a harmless enough old fellow – the only time we really hear from him is when he comes home late from the cantina and begins pounding on the door because his wife, the long-suffering Doña Angelica, has […]