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XelaWho by Issue

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100 Issues of XelaWho!!

What you’re holding in your hands is much more than the 100th edition of the little magazine known as XelaWho. Really, what it is is a testament to dumb-ass perseverance and a vindication of slacker culture worldwide.

It all started as all brilliant/ stupid plans do – with a collection of inquietudes. One, us English […]


P o p p i n g

El Guayo captured

It´s a rare occurrence when we can say that it´s been a good month for law enforcement in Guatemala, so lets take a moment to appreciate this achievement this month, as the chances are within a month or two we´ll relegating the law back […]

Recipe of the month – Frijoles Negros

By Simone Riddle

If you intend to spend any time in Guatemala there are two things you need to be able to enjoy eating: tortillas and beans. I love living in Guatemala because I can legitimately eat the same thing for breakfast and for dinner and no one will judge me. Nothing can […]

100 Years Since….

By Diana Pastor

Few political figures in my country are worth remembering long after their time has passed. But this is certainly not the case with a brilliant and exemplary man, whose life story could have been lifted straight from a literary novel. His name: Jacobo Árbenz Guzman. This year marks the 100 […]