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XelaWho by Issue

100 Issues of XelaWho!!

What you’re holding in your hands is much more than the 100th edition of the little magazine known as XelaWho. Really, what it is is a testament to dumb-ass perseverance and a vindication of slacker culture worldwide.

It all started as all brilliant/ stupid plans do – with a collection of inquietudes. One, us English […]


P o p p i n g

El Guayo captured

It´s a rare occurrence when we can say that it´s been a good month for law enforcement in Guatemala, so lets take a moment to appreciate this achievement this month, as the chances are within a month or two we´ll relegating the law back […]

Recipe of the month – Frijoles Negros

By Simone Riddle

If you intend to spend any time in Guatemala there are two things you need to be able to enjoy eating: tortillas and beans. I love living in Guatemala because I can legitimately eat the same thing for breakfast and for dinner and no one will judge me. Nothing can […]

100 Years Since….

By Diana Pastor

Few political figures in my country are worth remembering long after their time has passed. But this is certainly not the case with a brilliant and exemplary man, whose life story could have been lifted straight from a literary novel. His name: Jacobo Árbenz Guzman. This year marks the 100 […]