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XelaWho by Issue

Artists Reclaiming Xela

El Colectivo Andén is a community of local artists based in Xela which aspires to reclaim public spaces in the city in order to create multidisciplinary projects exploring art, history & social transformation in Guatemala. In March 2014 the Collective hosted the event “Homenaje al Ferrocarril de los Altos” as part of their Zona Intervenida […]


P o p p i n g

Xela’s Happy Too!

In March this year the United Nations launched a global campaign for happiness in order to celebrate the International Day of Happiness. To the theme tune Happiness by Pharrell Williams, they are encouraging individuals & groups from around the world to film & upload […]

Surviving (and succeeding) in El Terminal

by Diana Pastor

Many a’tourist have found The Terminal to be an inaccessible labyrinth devoid of logic & order. While I won’t deny the latter part, it is definitely not inaccessible! This article will give you a few tips to succeed in the Terminal, & buy your groceries & other items with the […]

Ants on the menu for May – up for it?

by Diana Pastor

Every country has certain culinary delicacies for those with more demanding & adventurous tastes, and who are hungry for new dining experiences. Well for those of our readers who fit this profile – you’re in luck as for the month of May we have a special recommendation for those of […]

Frijoles Blancos a la Vegetariana

by Simone Riddle

When we say frijoles we automatically think of black beans served with huevos revueltos, eaten both for breakfast & the evening meal. Yet there are other kinds of beans on offer in Guatemala’s markets; frijoles rojos, blancos & piloy (if you’re in Guatemala City or Antigua). So, why stop at […]

Wonder is the Seed of Knowledge

by Juan Jardinero

“Wonder is the seed of knowledge” — Francis Bacon

  Finding the right seeds that thrive in your own micro-climate can be a challenge and it will take time to determine which seeds work where. Especially around Xela, finding the right selection can be difficult, if not impossible. Also, when […]