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XelaWho by Issue

Football Fever!

Experiencing football fever in Guatemala is a lot like being surrounded by football fanatics back home in England, in that the populations of both countries tend to get very excited about a sport that, when it comes down to it, their national teams really aren’t very good at.

England, embarrassingly for a country with perhaps […]


P o p p i n g

Xela’s Wicked Wit

Well this year’s rainy season got off to a good start, didn’t it? It only took one heavy downpour last month for Xela’s pathetic drainage system to overflow and convert the streets into rivers. And not only that, but residents from affected areas were […]

Visa Renewal in Guate City

It happens to all of us…you find yourself towards the end of your 90-day visa and Tapachula just isn’t calling your name. While going to Mexico can be easier if you’re coming from Xela or westward, sometimes you just can’t resist the appeal of the big city.

Renewing your passport in Guatemala City isn’t as […]

The Million Dollar Question: Genocide in Guatemala

by Diana Pastor

Last month, the House of Representatives of Guatemala voted on a non-binding resolution to determine whether or not genocide occurred in this country. The response was that more than 90% of congressmen and women agreed that there was not any attempt to commit genocide during the years of the armed […]

Recipe of the Month: Algo para Picar

by Simone Riddle

The most common dish that you can be asked to bring along to a social gathering in Xela is ‘algo para picar’ – something to nibble on. There are really only three acceptable dips to bring along with a mandatory bag of nacho chips: ‘frijoles’ (refried black beans), pico de […]

A Little Taste of the Mayans

By Juan Jardinero

“Don´t eat anything your [Mayan] great grandmother wouldn´t recognize as food.”

Michael Pollan

This month we take a journey back in time to explore some of the edible plants that were widely used and continue to be consumed by ,albeit much less, Indigenous Guatemalan communities in their diets. Throughout history […]