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XelaWho by Issue

#SpanishFails 101

Attracting as many aspiring Spanish speakers as Amsterdam does pot smokers, Xela can certainly lay claim to being a Central American haven for those that want to pick up El Español. However, as with any language, getting to grips with the particulars of Spanish can be a tricky task, and one that can often go […]


P o p p i n g

Scares & Struts

July is shaping up to be an excellent month for cultural events. On the 5th of July we have a National Salsa & Bachata Competition to look forward to – so for those that want to be wowed by some jaw-dropping dance moves, check […]

¿Por qué estás tan enojada?

By Emily Ellis

A Guide To Bartending in Xela

If you find yourself running through the quetzales a little too fast, never fear: there are plenty of ways to pick up a little extra cash in Xela. Fortunately for all of you extranjeros, a lot of popular drinking establishments like to keep at […]

Mining in Guatemala – A Necessary Evil?

By Diana Pastor

There are many of us Guatemalans who don’t like the mining industry. But we also understand that certain elements of mining are needed to sustain lifestyles both inside & outside of this country, such as the extraction of key non-metallic minerals (e.g. limestone & clay), which are more widely available […]

Recipe of the Month: Caldo de Res

by Simone Riddle

One thing to note with ‘caldos’ (stews in English) is the Guatemalan obsession of cooking their vegetables whole. Why waste all that time chopping verduras into bite-sized chunks when you can cook them in their entirety? This nutritious Guatemalan ‘caldo’ is available in most comedores or mercados but tastes even […]

Everything Gardens

By Juan Jardinero


Bill Mollison There’s a saying in organic gardening circles: “everything gardens.” What this means is that nothing in nature works on its own, including us. Plants, microbes, fungi and animals can work together harmoniously to successfully produce food. Instead of controlling everything in our organic gardens, we can […]