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XelaWho by Issue

Guatemala’s Political Underdogs Hit the Big Time!

If you’ve been in Guatemala for more than a couple of days, you’ve probably realised it’s an exciting time to be in the Land of the Mayas. While trying to survive the week long Quetzalteca-binge to celebrate Guatemalan Independence you might have caught that there is a tectonic shift happening in Guatemalan politics. As XelaWho’s […]


P o p p i n g

Rising from the ashes

It was hard to see anything positive coming out of the tragic fire that consumed 11 businesses in the Centro Historíco in June, causing millions in damage, leaving five people hospitalized with serious burns. But Xela is always one to surprise with its […]

XelaWho Exclusive: Otto Pérez, Baldetti undercover anti-corruption agents.

by Fathouse Productions

During the 2011 election cycle, Manuel Baldizón, who was considered the heavy favorite in the 2015 presidential election before tanking in September, promised that if he were elected, the Guatemalan national football team would qualify for the World Cup. But the electorate liked the anti-corruption promises of Otto Pérez Molina […]

Who will win the run-off election?

by Diana Pastor

After the elections last month on September 6, much to everyone’s surprise, the candidate who was supposedly leading in the opinion polls and who considered himself, along with many others, as the virtual winner, was knocked out of the race for President of Guatemala. Instead of Manuel Baldizón, Guatemalans elected […]

Culture Strike in Xela this October

by Julio Urizar

This October, a huge public art and cultural festival is about to hit Xela. At Paro Cultural #17-0 or “Culture Strike #17”, artists, entrepreneurs, cultural contributors and community members will take over Xela in an interactive public festival of art and culture. Participants will occupy four areas around Xela with […]

Recipe of the Month: Salsa de Durazno

by La Salsa Inglesa

It’s October, and here in Xela we are entering ‘la época del durazno’. Dulce y jugoso, these nutritious peaches are the perfect substitute for all you mango-lovers still mourning the end of mango season.

This raw peach salsa is bursting with vitamin goodness, flavor and just a little picante: […]

Grow Your Own: Farm Directory

by Juan Jardinero

For this month’s edition of Grow Your Own, we thought we´d write up a directory of different projects working in promoting organic agriculture and spreading the ideas and principles of permaculture in Guatemala. In a country where a large percentage of the population still work in agriculture, the efforts of […]

Trendy – Finger on the Pulse of Guatemala’s Social Media Buzz

September was a big month for Guatemala with every Chapin with a smart phone tweeting madly over everything from the nation-wide elections to the week of celebrations (read: hangovers) for Guatemala’s independence. As usual, we here at XelaWho are here to guide you through the best of what the internet has to offer.

The biggest […]