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XelaWho by Issue

The Super Chivos Have Got Their Mojo Back!

For all you sports fans looking to get your fix while you’re in town or those just wanting to get a taste of local culture, Xela’s own football/soccer team the Super Chivos (Super Goats) have got their mojo back this season. The boys in red and blue are currently leading Guatemala’s National Football league by […]


P o p p i n g


On the 25th of October, Guatemala ushered in a new era of political optimism with the election of Jimmy Morales to the highest office in the land. The newly elected president beat opponent Sandra Torres in a run-off election with the convincing slogan “not corrupt or […]

Donald Trump’s Immigration “Truths”

by Richard Brown

Donald J. Trump recently held an event in the Donald J. Trump grand ballroom of the Donald J. Trump Conference Center at the Trump National Resort in south Florida where all the entrances are bestowed with Trump’s name in golden letters and all the plastic cups and paper towels also […]

Ixcanul: a film with the power of a volcano

By Diana Pastor

Rarely after watching a film do I feel encouraged to say that the movie was great, unless it manages to meet my rather strict criteria for qualifying to deserve such praise. Coming out of the cinema after watching Ixcanul, however, was most definitely one of those times. Like a volcano […]

Xela Comes 2nd in Urban Design Competition

by Julio Urizar

The recent Urban Lab 2015 was the first university competition organized by the Interamerican Development Bank through their Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative. The competition required the development of an integrated urban design plan that would be transformative and sustainable for the neighbourhood of Curundú in Panama City.

The Urban […]

Recipe of the Month: Boozy Black Bean Burritos

by La Salsa Inglesa

Black beans are an integral part of the Guatemalan diet. I usually cook a pound of beans in the pressure cooker on a Sunday and live off them for the rest of the week. A typical day may look like this:

1) Desayuno: huevos revueltos con frijoles y chirmol,


Grow Your Own: Weeds with a Purpose

by Juan Jardinero

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” ? Ralph Waldo Emerson


As gardeners we spend much of our time going through our fields, backyards and pots pulling out weeds. These persistent pesky plants grow everywhere, competing for water, sunlight and soil nutrients with […]

Trendy: Finger on the Pulse of Guate’s Social Media Buzz

Tragedy struck Guatemala on October 1st with #TragediaElCambray when a huge landslide engulfed the small mountain town of Cambray II, leaving at least 266 people dead. Guatemalans decided it was #EsTiempoDeAyudar (time to help) and mobilized online and offline to support the #RescateElCambray. The search & rescue operation quickly ballooned into a 1,800 team of […]