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XelaWho by Issue

Xela Etiquette Crash Course

London, New York, Paris, Xela – just a few of the world’s cultural melting pots where travellers and ex-pats come from all corners of the globe to munch down on pupusas, pizzas, crepes or whatever the hell they eat in London. While that all sounds well and good, the nitty-gritty of cross-cultural interactions can […]


P o p p i n g

Jazz It Up!

The 8th annual Jazz Festival is under way already and it’s looking to be better than ever. This year’s festival will include performances by musicians from all over the world, including Switzerland, Mexico, Italy, USA, France, Spain, as well as local artists from Xela. […]

I Could Be Covered in Manure and You’d Love Me

By Rotten Tacos

A new movement is sweeping Xela in an attempt to dissuade the cat calls, grabby hands, and false professions of love. This has spawned from a long-held desire of the female population of Xela to create something stronger than pepper spray, angrier than Resting Bitch Face, and more impactful than […]

Maya Night Skies

By Fathouse Productions

Ancient and modern Maya cultures have their own takes on the constellations of the night sky.

The Big Dipper, for example, is a macaw named “Seven Macaw” (Vucub Caquix) who has long tail feathers in the place of the Dipper’s handle. The seven probably refers to the number of bright […]

Ask Dr. Sabelotodo: Visa Runs

By Dr. Sabelotodo

Dear Dr. Sabelotodo, I’ve been in Guatemala 3 months now and my visa is about to expire. People here say it´s not a drama — I just have to do a “visa run.” Can you please explain? — Anxious Ex-pat

Dear Illegal Alien,

Firstly, let me congratulate you on your […]

Say What???!

By La Gordita

Although English is obviously not the mother tongue of all travellers and expats, it does tend to be the default language most of us rely on to communicate with one another. While we study Español by day and attempt to communicate in English by night, there are some region-specific turns […]

Adventure time at Irtra & Xocomil  

By Diana Pastor

Xela, a bit different from the southern coast of Guatemala, doesn’t really have what most would consider a “bikini-friendly climate.” And, as you’d know if you’ve been here during the months of January and February, some mornings can be quite chilly, even getting down to freezing temperatures some nights! Recreational […]

Low-Fat Nacho Chips

By La Salsa Inglesa

You tend to find that Guatemala’s delectable dips such as guacamole or refried beans almost always come accompanied by a generous portion of nacho chips, ‘para picar’. Yet it’s increasingly rare to find homemade nachos despite being such a popular snack. We want this to change in Xela. That’s […]