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XelaWho by Issue

A Way Away in HueHue

Backpackers in Guatemala are a strange breed. Many come to the land of the Maya seeking an authentic adventure, claiming to be a different type of traveller to those that swarm into the likes of Cancun and Costa Rica‘s tourist traps on made-to-order package holidays. And yet, pretty much every single backpacker that you […]

Xelebrity of the Month

XelaWho’s ear-the-ground correspondent, Alex Mac, brings you the stories behind the famous faces you see around town in Xela. This month he spoke to Aldo and Rafael, the guys in charge at the world famous late night taco stand “El Quetzalteco” on the corner of Parque Central near the Dispensa Familar. If […]

Stuck in Xela

Hola Macha. Prefieres hablar en inglés o español?

Como quieras

I’m much more charming in English

Sure.. let’s do that then

Alright. So what brought you to Xela and how long were you planning on staying?

I came to volunteer at Trama Textiles, a women’s weaving cooperative based here in […]


Twitter lit up this month with the news that ex-army captain (and killer of Bishop Gerardi — a fierce opponent of the Guatemalan military) Byron Lima was killed in a prison riot by a rival prison gang. Lima is said have been one of the most powerful inmates in Guatemala and was only 3 […]

Cream Cheese and Carrot Quesadillas

By La Salsa Inglesa

These outstanding quesadillas were inspired by the first vegetarian Chapi?n I met in Guatemala (and the most chilera), often found frequenting Tan Lechuga Yo at lunchtimes. First sampled at one of the longest standing vegetarian restaurants in Guatemala City, Rey Sol, these quesadillas have been my go-to fast […]

Chivo Drama Love

By Auntie Dolores

Dear Auntie Dolores, Some of my friends always say that I overreact and that I am always looking for drama in my life. On this occasion, however, I think I have good reason to worry. Firstly, I’m gay and I recently broke up with my boyfriend. Of course, I […]

Top Tips for Chicken Bus Travelers

By Diana Pastor

Not all travellers are able to enjoy the luxury of cruising in a shuttle or first class bus. Sometimes, when you‘re strapped for cash, not running on a tight schedule, or need to travel to remote places, traveling by chicken bus may be your only option. Sometimes the novelty […]