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XelaWho by Issue

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Hue Hue Don’t Tell Me

So you’ve been to Tikal, Semuc Champey, Atitlan and (for some strange reason…) Antigua. Onya! If you’re looking to step of the beaten track you might want to spare a thought, and a weekend, for the next big thing in Guatemala: Huehuetenango, pronounced “way way tenango.” A hue hue (get it?) from the […]

Stuff – Pesky Separatists

October 2017 was an all-time month for independence and backlash. Two semi-autonomous regions – Catalonia in Spain and Kurdistan in Iraq – held referendums for their independence. Both regions voted in favor of proper political independence, and both were met in turn by mano duro reactions from their central governments, who moved forcefully to block […]

Popping & Flopping


Gouls & Ghosts

The dry season in Guatemala begins with a trio of Catholic holidays—All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints, and All Soul’s day. We’ve decided that the spirits, ghosts, specters and ghouls of Guatemala are absolutely popping. They’re great at keeping up relationships with the living and keep up a world-class cemetery. Most […]

Dr. Sabelotodo

Dear Dr. Sabelotodo,

Why on earth were there so many vendors in the park during October?

Thanks – Curious in Cantel

Great to hear from you, Curious. The vendors were in the park because of the Catholic holiday of El Día […]


The second trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi dropped in October – briefly setting the internet on fire and leaving nerds worldwide divided on whether to slobber all over their keyboards with excitement or to publish cynical walls of text preemptively denouncing the film as bad and dumb.

Guatemala, […]

Recipe of the Month:: Vegan Sweetcorn Chowder

La cosecha is here! It’s the time of year farmers “dan las gracias” for the upcoming harvest of their most sacred plant,

el maiz. According to Mayan cosmovision, man came from corn so there’s no shortage of corn based recipes here in

Guatemala. This is a […]

Xelebrity of the Month – November

XelaWho’s ear-to-the-ground correspondent, Jalapeño Jacobo, brings you the stories behind the famous faces you see around town in Xela. This month, he spoke to one of the groups that makes alfombras for the procession of La Virgen del Rosario.

What’s going on here?

Just putting the finishing touches on our alfombra. […]

The Joker and the Thief

Xelawho loves to clown around. We live for jokes, gaffes and goofs. Groan-worthy puns are our raison d’être. Guatemala’s cashed-up dunces and idiots in elected office commit enough unforced errors during a normal month for us to laugh all the way to the bank.

September was not a normal month. […]



Heart Eyes Emoji for Garbagemen

This month, we’d like to give a quick shout out to the people who pick up garbage in Xela. They know how to do their jobs and do them well — a quality that’s perhaps unique among the municipal workers of this fine […]


It was a busy September for the Tuiteros in ol’ Xela Town. Owing to the popular fall of A New Hope in government, the annual destruction during Independence Week, and several other non Brahva-fuelled natural disasters, your average Chapin with a thumb and a off-brand smart phone had a lot to tell all […]