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Xela’s Wicked Wit

Well this year’s rainy season got off to a good start, didn’t it? It only took one heavy downpour last month for Xela’s pathetic drainage system to overflow and convert the streets into rivers. And not only that, but residents from affected areas were soon complaining of stomach illnesses because… well we’ll leave it to your imaginations as to what also got mixed up in the flood waters and the main water supply.

But not to fear, quetzaltecos were quick to lighten the tone on the social networks, blasting the Muni with furious but hilarious satire of the flood incompetence. One post showed a picture of a street-turned-river with the text: “Who needs to go to Xocomil if we’ve now got El Rio de las Americas right here in Xela?” A cartoon depicted Mito (Xela’s Mayor) dressed up as a lifeguard, reading: “On Alert for Winter. Your Muni: Working for you.”  Another showed a picture of a swimmer diving off his toilet, exhorting people “to not be so pessimistic, mucha, the water’s great!” with a picture of a smiling Mito below, exclaiming: “that’s the spirit, my boy!” Some clever photo-shopping in other pictures showed tiendas offering boats for sale, as well as speed boats & water slides getting in on the action on the streets.


F lo p p i n g

Sin Sexta Luna

Alas, the Super Chivos just haven’t seemed to be able to find their mojo again after their glorious win of the Quinta Luna in 2012. This year they managed to get through to the semi finals of the National League, but were then  knocked out by Guate’s Comunicaciones 4-1. So there were no crazy all night parties to be found in Xela this year round and we shall have to wait another year for another shot at the elusive Sexta Luna. Come on guys, we believe in you!


Those regular readers of XelaWho will no doubt now be familiar with the exciting new artistic initiative Zona Intervenida from the art collective Grupo Anden, who were featured as our cover story last month.

This month we bring you the excellent news that Grupo Anden will returning in June with a presentation on Sunday, June 8th, of their Project HACIA LA LUZ, (Towards The Light). The event will take place at the Centro Intercultural in zone 3. This former military base has become these artists’ playground in which they hope to convert the once dark history of the venue into one of light and color. This interdisciplinary art show will include local Xelateco artists participating in music, painting, photography, dance, poetry and shadow theater.

The proceeds from this event will be donated to Primeros Pasos a medical and educational project that works in the rural areas of Xela providing basic health care to impoverished children and women.


When: Sunday, June 8th 2014.

Time: 6:00pm.

Location: Centro Intercultural: 4 calle and 19 avenue zone.

Donation: Q20 adults. Q10 children under 12.

Don’t miss it!




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