La Feria’s One Big Open Air Cantina

By: Elena Alvarado

If you’re anything like the staff at your XelaWho, then you’re all about a good happy hour-slash-adventure on the town. La feria has got you covered for the month of September. While the big party is in-town on the 14th, the big days to kick it over to the fair will be, well, every other day during the 10th-16th. Like the pop-up restaurant phenomenon in the US and Europe, la feria is going to be around for a week—and then it’s gone until next year (or at least, moves around to different parts of town). What’s the secret to making the most of the fair? XelaWho, breaks it down.

1) Make sure you have a ride home. In our experience, every single bus likes to claim that it is the last bus headed back to Xela. Pirate buses are likely to swoop in randomly to try and make a quick buck. If you’re in a large group this should be no problem, but if you’re 2-3 people then you might want to make sure you have a taxi lined up or a reliable bus that will bring you back. Obviously, when you are stone-cold sober it will be much easier to negotiate a better deal than when you are about to head home.

2) Hit the novelties. In 2010 there was a small booth by the Ferris Wheel that sold shots of tequila, mescal (tequila-like agave liquor not to be missed) and Jagermeister among others. The lines to this booth were immense, so it’s pretty safe to say they’ll be back again this year. It should go without saying that this stands’ proximity to the Ferris Wheel will lead you to make either awesome or unfortunate decisions.

3) Come hungry. Do you like piles and piles of delicious meat? Hooray for you, because there are some really, really good churrascos (BBQs) to be found at the fair. Obviously it pays to walk around and find a place where flies get swooshed away as opposed to welcomed to the meat. Churrascos usually sport some of the finest plastic chairs and tables in all Guatemala as well as specials on beer. Vegetarians might get lucky with grilled potatoes, cebollines, or other random foods.

4) Watch your wallet. If you haven’t read this 50 times in this issue, take note: every single pickpocket ever in the history of ever will be at the fair. Even babies, because who would suspect a baby? Make sure that you know where your cash is, and that you don’t run out as you are going after fair specials. Other than that, have fun—but not too much fun—at the fair. ¡Salud!

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