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XelaWho by Issue

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Food Delivery Guide

Xela’s a great place to eat out, no argument there. But sometimes even the thought of boiling a noodle seems like too much effort. So in the interests of avoiding malnutrition, we bring you the XelaWho Dial-It Directory…

Chinito Express (7761-2706) Delivering a wide variety of Chinese favorites.

Giuseppe’s (7761-2521) For a thicker crust, American-style pie, this is the place to call. The spaghetti carbonara is a winner, too.

Woon Kook (7763-5394) Chinese food like you’ve had it all over the world (except, maybe, in China). The special fried rice is a favorite, and the Peking duck is not to be missed.

Ricca Burger (7765-3328) The burgers are far from rica, but some locals swear by the churrascos. For emergencies only.

Los Cebollines (1715) Tasty, if slightly overpriced Tex Mex food. Good Margaritas, but we’re not sure if they deliver them, too.

El Burralón (7761-4410) Home delivered burritos? Bring it on. We recommend the mega combo.

Pollo Campero (1777) Guatemala’s KFC clone comes in two varieties – greasy n’ salty and greasier n’ saltier. ¡Buen Provecho!

Tre Fratelli (7736-8800) Put on your fancy duds, light some candles and order in some of the fanciest Italian food in town.

José Gil (1740) A touch of heartburn, perhaps? This pharmacy home delivers from 8am to 9pm, free, with a Q20 minimum order.