¡¡Bienvenidos!! (Welcome!!)

Our schoolEl Quetzal Spanish School was founded in 1998. The school is managed by a woman and located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

El Quetzal Spanish School was founded with the mission: “To create a professional as well as comfortable learning and living environment for foreign Spanish students where they can learn the language, culture, politics and social situation of Guatemala.”

El Quetzal Spanish School is committed to operating with the social vision of providing needed services to improve the community of Quetzaltenango through volunteer work, cultural exchanges, and monetary donations. El Quetzal Spanish School provides fair employee wages, a safe working environment, and equal treatment of all of our employees.

El Quetzal offers Spanish classes to students of all levels. We are here to create a comfortable learning environment and give you all the necessary tools to improve your Spanish whether it be for travel, work or study.

EL Quetzal has been authorized and accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), The Guatemalan tourist Institute (INGUAT) and Ministry of Economy.


  • One-on-one instruction
  • Social, political & cultural activities
  • Opportunities for Short/ Long Term Volunteer Work (subject to NGO approval)
  • Home stay with family (with 3 meals a day) or classes-only plans
  • Highly Trained and Educated Teachers
  • Social projects
  • Diploma: you will receive a diploma showing the level of Spanish attained during your study (two-week minimum study requirement)


  • To provide and teach the necessary tools so that our students are able to communicate effectively in the Spanish language
  • To allow our students to experience and immerse themselves in local Guatemalan culture, with the goal of helping them to learn the different social, cultural, and political aspects of the country.
  • To offer a viable source of employment and economic support for local Guatemalans
  • To offer support and opportunities to local communities in the form of scholarships and free English classes
  • To create a source of funds and volunteers for small scale development projects in Quetzaltenango