¿Qué Onda Vos? A Series on Speaking Guatemalan Spanish

“¿Qué onda vos?” is XelaWho’s a monthly guide to speaking Spanish Guatemalan style. This month’s topic: lexicon of love by James Gray.

If there’s one time to get your fledgling Spanish right, it’s when you’re making a romantic move. This lexicon of love terms will give you debonair words to make your move with style, regardless of the stage of your relationship. 

Breaking the ice: make your move with the right words
Quiero agarrar tu mano. – I want to hold your hand.
¿Me regalas un beso? – literally “give me the gift of a kiss” 

Lovers in the park
Be careful with the verb “trincar” in Spanish. In the parks and steamed-up parked cars of Xela and throughout Latin America, it is common to see lovers necking and hugging. It’s harmless to describe them by saying “Ellos estan trincando”, i.e. they are fooling around with clothes on. Beware, however, that you can’t use trincar with your lover! Guys might use it among themselves jokingly but DO NOT tell your lover “Quiero trincar contigo.” You may get slapped! 

When you want to prepare your lover for a special evening, here are two ‘pre-foreplay’ options for hot text messages. The romantic option is: “Quiero comerte a besos”, which literally means I’m going to eat you with kisses but means that I want to kiss you passionately. If you need some kink send this: “Cuando te veo te voy a amontonar”. It means roughly this: when I see you, I’m going to trap you in a corner or against the wall and do kinky things to you. 

Let’s go all the way
Quiero estar a solas contigo. – Literally “I want to be alone with you” but it’s a polite way to imply that you have big plans
Quiero ir contigo a la cama. – Literally “I want to go to bed with you”, sounds a little naughty but isn’t vulgar
Estoy caliente! or Estoy hirviendo! – Literally, “I’m hot!” or “I’m boiling!” Baby, I am in the mood and need it now!
Quiero hacerte el amor – I want to make love to/with you.

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