P o p p i n g

Volcan Pacaya

That pesky volcano on the outskirts of Antigua is at it again – at press time it was throwing up volcanic material to a height of 400 meters, and authorities were speculating that eruptions could reach a height of two kilometers. They also warned against tourists climbing the volcano while it was active, and advised nearby residents to remain alert but calm.


F lo p p i n g

Angy Tizol

May was a tough month for 19 year old Angy Tizol. On the 20th police issued an arrest warrant for orchestrating her own kidnapping last year, in an attempt to extort Q75,000 out of her family.  She was captured in Zona 7 after a week on the run and is expected to face extortion charges.

Number Crunching


The percentage of Quetzaltecos who primarily use non-motorized transport to get around the city, according to a recent survey.



Number of litres per square meter of rainfall registered on the 29th of May.



The percentage of the 46 nightclubs and discos in Xela that do not meet safety regulations, such as having an adequate amount of emergency exits for the capacity of the venue.



The number of traffic lights in Xela that either have some sort of electrical fault or have stopped working entirely. The number of traffic lights in the city?

Erm… 40…


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