Spotlight On: A Series on Culture & the Arts

grooveslogo“Spotlight On” is XelaWho’s regular monthly series on all things cultural & artistic in Xela and Guatemala. This month’s topic is:XelaGrooves

Who: XelaGrooves
What: A collective of Xela artists that want to promote audio-visual art, from graphic design and street art to music production and live performances. XelaWho went backstage with DJ Kokopeli (Bonifaz Díaz), DJ Brax (Francisco Mannam), DJ Pé-Groove (Pedro Rodriguez) and FixArt (Javier Ortega) for an interview with the collective.

XelaWho: When did you all form a collective?
XelaGrooves: We’ve all been performing together for years, but it was about two months ago in September that we decided to formalize and work together as a project. 

XelaWho: What’s the project?
XelaGrooves: We want propel an art movement, and to promote alternative ways of expression. We like to introduce people to art from all over the world and to artists that are independent from the commercial mainstream.

XelaWho: Sounds good. So does this music. What are we listening to?
XelaGrooves: The song is called Pa’ti and the artist is El Bicho, a new-flamenco/jazz/hip-hop band from Spain. Their music spans several genres.

XelaWho: How would you describe the XelaGrooves sound?
XelaGrooves: Groovy.

XelaWho: Who are your influences?
XelaGrooves: Ojos de Brujo and Macaco from Spain. They are collectives as well. TrueGrooves in Washington, D.C. has also been influential. And we can’t forget Ozomatli.

XelaWho: Sounds really good. Where can I hear more?
XelaGrooves: On our website you can find things like the playlist of the month. Our clubhouse is El Infinito, and we DJ at the best parties here in Xela. See you there.

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