Thoughts On Time: The Month of October

By GatodeMonteCristal Ey-free

Sending all of my brothers and sisters warmest of greetings, we’re here once again seeking understanding of the frequencies of time as an instrument of measurement and what they represent.

The past month of September in the Julian-Gregorian calendar (J-G) – the Gregorian is what we use today and is an alteration of the Julian – originally occupied the 7th position in the original Roman calendar and had a different name. During Rome’s imperial dominance, an emperor changed its position to 9th from 7th (which is a mathematical difference, of course). The only reason for the change was the emperor’s dominance in that part of the world.

Now we’ll discuss the origin, significance and psychoanalysis of the month of October. October has the Latin root “octo” relating to the number 8. This comes from the fact that in the ancient and primitive Roman calendar, October was in 8th position since the Roman year began in March.

Now here’s the key idea. Since the beginning of the domination of human masses, the powerful have changed their face and clothing with the passage of time. During the reign of the Roman emperor Romulus Augustus (A.D. 475-476), several details of the calendar were changed so that he could defeat his rivals, the Egyptians, and thus proclaim himself emperor of a new empire. Romulus realized the quality of Egyptian calendar, which had 365 days, and thus adopted it, completely altering the antiquated and primitive Roman calendar, which had 300 days consisting of 10 months with 30 days each.

In this arbitrary manner he altered the calendar, whereby under the forces of an empire the manner of conceiving time was completely changed for the minds that utilize it. Changing the 7th month September to the 9th month, the 8th month October to the 10th month – mathematically we know that 7 is not equal to 9, just as 8 is not equal to 10. The powerful made this arbitrary change and the rest of us are left to accept it.

We close with the following thought: The past is irreversible, the future is invisible, the present is a gift. For this reason, the present has the name it has: present.

With love, mind and art…

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