The 3rd Annual Festival Gran Teatrito, December 3-6, 2009

Festival-TeatritoThe Festival Gran Teatrito, or Great Little Theater Festival, is the product of two professional theater companies, Armadillo Puppet Theater and Teatro Arzénico, and will take place both indoors and out. All performances are free of charge. The schedule of events is below.  For more info, visit the festival Website. It is bound to be fun and exciting, so check it out!


Thursday December 3rd – Location: Casa No’j Xela

Voces cruzadas/Crossed voices (poetry & music), Impromptu poetry, 645pm

¿Quién es Ricardo?/Who is Ricardo?, absurd theater, 715pm

Acorralados/The Corraled Ones, absurd theater, 8pm

Friday December 4th – Location: The streets of Xela

Personajes urbanos/Urban Personalities various personalities seize control of streets and urban spaces throughout the city, 11am-4pm

Friday December 4th – Location: Teatro Municipal in Totonicapán

Voces cruzadas/Crossed voices (poetry & music), Impromptu poetry, 620pm

Qak’aslemal documentary film, 635pm

Documenta Totonicapán , 7pm

Brevarios puppets, 715pm

Saturday December 5th – Location: Plaza Anastasio Tzul, Totonicapán

La luna y el sol/The Sun & Moon puppets, 10am

Saturday December 5th – Location: Parque Central Quetzaltenango

Monologues, An Afternoon for Theater of One , monologues we suppose, 430pm-7pm

Saturday December 5th – Location: Casa No’j Xela

Brevarios puppets, 7pm

En blanco y negro/In Black & White pantomime, 730pm

Sunday December 6th – Location: Parque Central Quetzaltenango

Érase una vez un rey/There Was Once a King comedy, 430pm

Rondo Casino Latin dance, 530pm

Fernan do, re, mi, fa, sol clown trio + music, 6pm

Concert Fernando Juárez & his group, 630pm

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