Rooster vs. Goat: A Gallo vs. Cabro Taste Test

By James Gray & Riley Lynch

Gallo or Cabro? Not since the days of “Less filling! Tastes great!”has there been such a contest for the hearts and minds and expanding waistlines of the unwittingly sober. Wikitravel, Wikipedia’s answer to Lonely Planet, has this to say:“Cabro, which some consider one of the best beers in the world, is made locally in Quetzaltenango. Another local beer, Gallo, is more like the Bud Lite of Guatemala – bland, available everywhere, and sponsoring everything.”

However, the owner of a local watering hole told us that the only differenceis the label, and that he has friends who work in the Cervecería Nacional who can prove it.

Clearly this was a job for XelaWho‘s tireless investigative reporting unit. Foiled in an attempt to infiltrate the factory — dressing up in blue coveralls and belting out Making Our Dreams Come True did not impress security – there was only one thing to do: We drank our way to the truth.

Our team consisted of two researchers with relevant background in the consumption of malt beverages: Senor G and Senor C, identified by the initial of the product which, prior to the experiment, each affirmed as their swill of choice. Three 350ml bottles of each beer were sourced from the same beer fridge to ensure parity of temperature. The bottles were masked, X and Y, and corresponding glasses were marked to create a blind test.

The pour gave the first indication that – rumors aside – we had before us different brews. Beer Y was a bit more pale than Beer X. Beer X also seemed more frothy and bubbly. Beer X had a floral smell; Beer Y slightly metallic. We cleared our palates with pretzel sticks imported from the Badger State.

Any lingering suspicion that Beers X and Y were the same was quickly put to rest. Beer X had a stronger up-front taste and was distinctly more astringent, with lingering bitter hops. Beer Y bore hints of roasted malt, nutty and sweet. Srs. G and C agreed that both beers were eminently drinkable, with more flavor than the typical North American macrobrew.

It was time for the moment of truth. The investigators unanimously named Beer X as their favorite. Asked to predict which brew it was, both identified it as Gallo, Sr. C conceding that perhaps he had been prejudiced by the unfair comparison to Bud Lite. The bottles were unveiled. Our team of scientists preferred: Cabro.

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