Why Is This Popular: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona Gear

By Steve Mullaney

Style is different everywhere, but nowhere is this more apparent in Guatemala where the majority of us fashionistas walk around puzzled. We try to bring you explanations behind the most confusing trends with Ricardo and Jorge, med students at a local university. This month’s topic: FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Clothing/Gear.

XELAWHO: All right. We are not in Barcelona or Madrid, and yet you are both Barcelona and Madrid fans, respectively. Why do you care about teams whose countries you’ve never visited.
Ricardo: It’s not about having been there.
Jorge: Yeah, it’s about supporting a team whose style you enjoy.

XW: What does that mean?
J: Well, I like Madrid because I like the playing style that they have. They play a really exciting style.

XW: OK, but still, do you follow soccer here?
R: Puro chivo. (I support the Superchivos)
J: Me too.

XW: So how do you pick the leagues? Why the European teams instead of say, Argentina or the US?
R: You’re kidding right? Why would we follow US soccer?
J: There’s a lot of opportunities to watch European soccer here, whereas for other leagues it’s there. Besides, everyone I know supports one or the other.

XW: What gear do you have?
R: (laughs) Everything.

XW: What about the weirdest thing that you have that’s associated with one of the teams?
R: Hmm…a beach towel, I guess.
J: Boxers.

XW: So what team would you recommend supporting?
R: Well, if you like teams that win, then Barcelona.
J: (punches Ricardo in the arm) Yeah, but look who won the two previous League of Champions…

XW: Assume that I come to school tomorrow and I’m wearing Real Madrid or FC Barcelona gear. What would the other kids say to me?
J: They’d be fine if you were supporting the right team.

XW: So I wouldn’t get beat up?
J: I can’t guarantee that. But as long as you’re around the right people and everyone is sober you should be fine.

XW: That’s a joke right?
J: Yes.

ANALYSIS: From what I could tell it seems that in the first soccer team you ever see you will end up supporting the team that wins. Family is really influential as well. Most people will have a Guatemalan team and also one of these two, just because they like to support a team that wins every so often.

COULD YOU PULL THIS OFF: Yes, but if you’re backing one team and are in a bar full of drunken fans of the other team…all baring machetes…it may be wise to back off.

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