Daytripper San Pedro: Rock Jumping in San Marcos

We know what you’re thinking: “Guatemala’s great and all, but I sure do miss jumping off of slippery rocks from dangerous altitudes.” Lucky for you, so did we. “But isn’t San Marcos only for tree-hugging, meditation-loving, zen-seeking posers?” It is. But it has big rocks too, so bear with us.

To get to the rocks from San Pedro, proceed to the Santiago dock (see map on page 40). For the less hung-over crowd, kayaks can be rented for Q10/hour from any one of the friendly professional gringo extorters who congregate around the docks. If you need directions, they’ll be happy to point the way out for you. Alternatively, you can rent a private launch for around Q200 for a few hours. This is probably the best option if you’re shacking up with a fat chick, as the lake is deep and kayaks are only so buoyant.

As you arrive, you will see a large rock to your left. It will be around 25 feet high (that’s roughly eight meters for all you dirty Scandinavians). Jump off of it. If that’s not enough to get your blood flowing, follow the trail above the rock to your right to get to a rock we estimate to be anywhere
between 45 and 1,000 feet high [Ed. My apologies. Our writing staff is rarely sober and prone to exaggeration]. The water is deep. We promise.

So if you’re in San Pedro and need an adrenaline rush – and don’t have the money for drugs or the charm to get laid – rock jumping in San Marcos just might be for you.

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